“What is it called when you are being really lovely with a cat and it is being lovely with you?”

by delaneyduvall

My only hesitation to travel is the immense separation anxiety I go through being away from my cat, so as you can imagine I was thrilled to discover a park filled with them. However, as I continue to visit the John F. Kennedy park my feeling have grown more complicated and I’m filled with a dissonance that resonates deep within me. As much as I enjoy spending time with so many cats I can’t help but wish that I could take them all home with me and give them the love and devotion they deserve, in particular the young and the sickly. Yesterday I sat down next to a fluffy white and orange kitten who promptly crawled into my lap, hunkered down, and fell asleep. When it came time for me to leave I tried to move it but it held on to me with its paws and I wished so badly that I could take it with me I nearly cried. at least with every trip back I’m seeing improvement in my photos.