My First 24 Hours in Lima

by delaneyduvall

Officially 24 hours in and I am uncharacteristically at ease.
Those who know me well are aware of my borderline dysfunctional levels of anxiety. One could easily assume that traveling to a foreign country with witch I’ve had no prior affiliation, nor speak the language of, would render me hopelessly inert. However, to my own surprise it has had quite the opposite effect. Would it be corny to say “I feel as lively and colorful as my surroundings”? Probably… but it’s still true. Being here is a literal breath of fresh air from the cold monotony that has been permeating my Chicago life. I feel like I have already experienced too much to summarize in a simple blog post, not merely because of the quantity or chronology of the events of today, but because I cannot find the words to accurately describe my experience as a whole. What would you call the opposite of an existential crisis? In any case I hope that as I continue to write my thoughts and feelings may eventually become clear. Until then, here are my first few photos… (I don’t have Photoshop so try not to judge the lack of editing)

_MG_3060_2_MG_3070_2 _MG_3085_2 _MG_3099_2 _MG_3107_2